Take me to Las Vegas!

Take me to Las Vegas!

Welcome to Las Vegas, the 'Entertainment Capital of the World'! With such an irresistible sparkling allure, it is no great surprise that many millions of people make it their holiday destination every year. A popular trade fair and convention location, Las Vegas is not only committed to tourism; businesses quite like it too. People like to get married here also!

A gambler's paradise for nearly a century, Las Vegas is famed for its vast themed casino-hotel resorts. This is where to come for a great game of poker, some Las Vegas glitter and some of the best shows on earth. However, 'Entertainment Capital of the World' it may be, but these days, there is another place to go, where the gambling scene is even richer. Lookout Las Vegas, Macau of the People's Republic of China is about. Will Las Vegas ever regain its place as the top gambling resort of the world? We'll have to see!

Las Vegas stretches across 131 square miles and is seemingly surrounded by the breathtakingly awesome Spring Mountains. At night time, when Las Vegas is in full glow and every light bulb switch has been flicked on, these marvellous mountains almost seem to evaporate into the darkness.

Everyone loves the 'Strip'. Home to a considerable number of hotel rooms (in fact there are said to be more hotel rooms here than any other city in the world) along its four miles, Las Vegas Boulevard (aka the 'Strip') is packed with giant casino resorts each packing a punch with street displays and shows. This is where to find the most spectacular casino resorts like the Bellagio, the Mirage, the MGM, Caesars Palace and the Venetian. Each with a visually impressive front, a walk along the 'Strip' guarantees some amazing entertainment like the volcano erupting hourly at The Mirage, the pirate ship battle at the Treasure island and the beautiful water ballet spectacle outside of the Renaissance themed Bellagio.

While the more famous hotels are located on the 'Strip', a significant number of considerably sized hotels and casinos are situated within close proximity 'off Strip'. While it is tempting not to stray from Las Vegas Boulevard, you won't get a full picture of Las Vegas unless you venture over to Fremont Street for the good old favourites of the Golden Nugget, Binions and the Plaza.

Only when the various fabulous casino frontages have been enjoyed, the dazzling interiors inspected and wads of cash exchanged in shops, are you ready to make for the fabulous 'off Strip' tourist attractions of the Grand Canyon, the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead.

With something to offer everybody in Las Vegas, it is no wonder it is one of the world's top holiday destinations and that the local airport, McCarran, is one of the top ten busiest airports on the globe.