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McCarran International Airport, originally known as Alamo Airport, is situated within 8 kilometres of the business district of Las Vegas, in a town named Paradise. This is the principle airport for Clark County and Las Vegas. This being a city where all your dreams could come true, 'Paradise' with big Disney characters all around and smiling faces welcomes a lot of people every year, each one of them with a dream of making it big here in Las Vegas. (We know who we are!)

McCarran Airport is situated about a mile from the 'Strip' and 5 miles from Down town Las Vegas. From the airport onto your hotel, there are a variety of options available to you from shuttles to limo services and taxis to car hire.

Where else but Las Vegas do you find within an airport terminal, a lot of slot machines every where you look? Prepare yourself, for this is the shape of things to come. Once you tread the light fantastic of the 'Strip' and wander into any casino hotel resort, the 'chingle, changle' ringing of the machines will rarely leave your ears.

A popular leisure and business destination, Las Vegas enjoys record numbers of visitors at McCarran Airport every year. In 2007, McCarran saw in excess of forty seven and a half million passengers pass through its Arrival gates. One of the world's most busy airports, McCarran observes about 950 flights landing and taking off per day. Airlines that regularly pass through McCarran include Delta Airlines, United Airlines, American Airlines and the most popular, Southwest Airlines. You can travel direct to Las Vegas from any one of a hundred US cities as well as a variety of international origins.

In addition to its two terminals (and a third one on its way in 2011), McCarran Airport has plenty to keep the visitor entertained. For those carrying laptops, wi-fi is on offer throughout the airport along with1300 slot machines, a plethora of shops and restaurants. For those intrigued by the history of aviation of Las Vegas, there is the Howard W Cannon Museum. Located above the baggage claim zone, in the Esplanade, this is a treat that is open 24 hours a day.

In Las Vegas, the entertainment just keeps coming, even at the airport!


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